Working with CultureLancer as a Student

Working with CultureLancer as a Student
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CultureLancer was created with HBCU students in mind. We know that students are capable and creative and when given the platform to explore their abilities the potential and opportunity is endless! Are you a student with passion? If so, freelancing by working with CultureLancer as a student may be the best thing for you to explore while preparing you for your future career goals. What is freelancing you may ask… Freelancing means that you work as an independent contractor or for yourself (1099 employee) rather than being employed directly through a company. Freelancers are hired by companies on a part-time, short-term, or project-based basis. Freelancers usually receive compensation that is determined on the scope of the project or predefined by the freelancer or company or both parties. In future post we will spend more time examining freelance work in depth.

Freelancing as a college students means that you have an opportunity to work for yourself, earn extra cash, and gain experience. This has the potential to greatly impact your career and college trajectory. Not only can you build on skills you are learning in class and in areas you aspire to be but also explore the avenues to you may have thought we were out of reach or not the best path due to influences on your career journey and aspirations. Freelancing means no more odd jobs that don’t lend to yours goals, regaining agency on your life and time. Through freelancing you might find that paving your own path is the way to go!

Freelancing while in college is the perfect time to explore and build. It offers direct experience in your area of interest while allowing you to build your portfolio through real-world experiences, earn disposable income, create your own schedule, choose your own projects, and network with industry professionals (potentially giving you foot in the door).

Freelancing offers you limitless opportunities to explore your interest, hobbies, passions, and dive deeper into current skills and experiences. Maybe you are on the student newspaper why not get paid from companies and individuals who need editors, writers, content creators, or other projects that expands on your skills. Maybe you are like our founder and part of the on campus radio station – did you know there are individuals are looking for voice over actors, compositionists, set editors, and much more to assist with their digital shows, podcast, and more. This is just a few examples of how you can explore career options through CultureLancer as a freelancer and build greater experience. Stay tune for future post as we dive deeper into college majors/experiences and how they translate to freelance work.

I’m sure at this point you are intrigued at the possibilities and wondering how to get started…well your definitely in the right place. All you need is a .edu email address from an HBCU, a CultureLancer account, and of course passion and drive! Through your CultureLancer profile, you will be able to upload samples of past work, share your experience, and express your passions and goals. Organization and access to a workspace that is conducive to your work style with a stable internet connection are the only other things you need. We at CultureLancer will take care of the rest!

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Getting started on CultureLancer as a student.

Now that you have a better understanding of what a freelancer is and the benefits, you’re ready to set up your account on CultureLancer. You’ll start by providing a few details about yourself and setup a profile. On your profile, you should upload your relevant work experience and past work examples – completing it entirely will increase your hiring potential. Once we review your profile and approve it, you’ll be set up on CultureLancer and can start engaging with other students and potential clients that are looking to hire. Who knew becoming a student freelancer was so easy? Make sure to keep tabs on your notifications that will be sent to your email and in your account so that you don’t miss anything! Also don’t forget to sign up for your first information session!



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