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CultureLancer is the connection between College Students and Employers

Culturelancer is a career development and training platform where minority students, organizations, and employers collaborate on real projects to bridge the gap between educational opportunities and employment for underrepresented communities.

Institutions we work with

For HBCU Students & Universities

Gain entry level experience and improve your portfolio with freelancing and remote projects. This is a great opportunity for students to gain real-world experience before graduating

HBCU Students & Universities

Real-time Application of Knowledge Through Project-Based Work 

Help Students develop employable skills, improve graduate employment outcomes, and build a portfolio working up to 20 hours a week.

Collaborate with Real and Relevant Employers

Gain access to employers and freelancing projects with a couple of clicks.

 Stengthen your resume and portfolio

Gain access to a Student Success Coach for skill development, and build a portfolio, all while pursuing experience based on your hobbies and passions.

Get paid on your terms

 Discover paid online jobs and flexible freelance opportunities where you can set your own rates and work schedules on your terms.

CultureLancer is reshaping the world of freelancing and networking

Student development programs​


We collaborate with universities to equip students with the essential skills required to make meaningful contributions to actual projects, fostering equitable career advancement opportunities and enhancing.

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Mentorship programs for career development


Employers have the opportunity to serve as mentors, empowering students to enhance their skills and resume, ensuring they are well-prepared for their entry into the workforce.

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Project-based internships and freelance opportunities.


Culturelancer is a career development platform that facilitates connections between HBCU students and employers, enabling the integration of real projects to create exciting and meaningful resume-building experiences.

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You've invested in your education; now invest in your career.

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Focus Areas


Inform your decisions with conclusive research.


Build and test technical solutions across platforms.


Compose effective blogs, newsletters, and copy.


Illustrate your company's vision & deliver new user experiences.


Create compelling and tasteful marketing collateral.

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Success Stories

I couldn't be more grateful for the opportunities CultureLancer provided me. After completing my bootcamp in digital marketing, I was eager to gain real-world experience. CultureLancer connected me with a fantastic startup, where I worked on actual marketing campaigns. It was an incredible learning experience, and I've now secured a full-time role with the same company. Thank you, CultureLancer, for kickstarting my career!

Senior at Howard University

Being a computer science graduate, I had the skills but lacked the experience employers were looking for. That's when I discovered CultureLancer. I joined as a freelance developer, collaborating with various businesses. It not only sharpened my technical abilities but also boosted my confidence. Now, I'm employed full-time as a software engineer at a leading tech firm. CultureLancer truly bridges the gap!

Graduate from North Carolina A&T State University

As a recent graduate with a degree in graphic design, breaking into the industry seemed daunting. But CultureLancer made it accessible. I started working on design projects for startups and small businesses. The exposure, networking, and portfolio-building opportunities were invaluable. CultureLancer ignited my creative journey!

Graduate from Spelman College

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