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Social Media Content Creation for Flow Group’s Elite Edge and SAI Academy Campaigns

  • Job Duration01 to 03 months

Project detail

Project Description:

We are seeking talented designers to collaborate on a marketing collateral project for Flow Group’s Elite Edge program and SAI Academy. This project will span a duration of up to 3 months and will involve creating user-generated content in the form of flyers and video trailers. As a member of the design team, you will work closely with a team lead who will provide sample content and guidance to achieve specific goals such as increasing engagement, conversions, and driving clear calls to action.

Things to Consider:

  1. Purpose: The purpose of the marketing collateral is to promote Flow Group’s events and campaigns. The collateral should generate interest, encourage audience engagement, and prompt a specific call to action.
  2. Audience: The target audience for this project is diverse, spanning different age groups and backgrounds. The collateral should appeal to a broad audience, capturing their attention and resonating with their interests.
  3. Channels: The collateral will primarily be shared on TikTok, so the content should be optimized for this platform. Consider the format and style that work best on TikTok, maximizing its potential for virality and shareability.
  4. Brand Guidelines: Please adhere to Flow Group’s brand guidelines, which will be provided upon project initiation. These guidelines will outline the brand’s visual identity, colors, typography, and overall aesthetic. The collateral should align with the brand’s personality and maintain consistency.
  5. Format of Collateral: We are specifically looking for TikTok content for this mini task. The three pieces of collateral should be designed in a format that effectively captures attention, drives engagement, and encourages users to take action.Deliverables:
    • Design and creation of marketing collateral, including user-generated flyers and video trailers.
    • Collaborating with the team lead to iterate and refine the collateral based on the provided sample content.
    • Timely delivery of the final collateral within the project’s duration.


    • Prior experience or working knowledge in Figma for design creation and collaboration.
    • Prior experience or working knowledge in Final Cut Pro and DaVinci Resolve for video editing and post-production.


    • The project will have a duration of up to 3 months but could be longer depending on outcomes. Specific milestones and deadlines will be determined in collaboration with the team lead.Visit
      For ideas about branding and current content examples.

Languages required

Freelancer type required for this project