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Educational Research Synthesis and Proposal Development

  • Job Duration03 to 06 months

Project detail

Project Overview:
The project aims to synthesize educational research, develop proposal packages, and create essential artifacts to support the mission of your educational research non-profit. The key components of the project include creating two 1-pagers targeting different audiences, templates for outreach and proposals, a thought leader portfolio, a synopsis of authored work focusing on research points, secondary research to support proposed solutions, a summary of the pilot and fellowship, and an adaptable pilot template for proposals.

Project Task and Expectations: 

  – Identify two distinct target audiences.
– Develop visually appealing 1-pagers targeting each audience.
– Ensure that the 1-pagers effectively communicate the mission, objectives,             and  impact of your non-profit.
– Create outreach templates for engaging potential sponsors and partners.
– Develop proposal templates to streamline future proposal development.
– Ensure templates are customizable for specific initiatives and sponsors.

– Compile existing written work, reviews, videos, and other relevant materials.
– Organize the portfolio to showcase expertise and thought leadership.
– Ensure the portfolio reflects your non-profit’s mission and values.
– Summarize key research points from authored work.
– Highlight the relevance and impact of research findings.
– Identify how the research supports your non-profit’s objectives.
– Conduct secondary research to augment and validate your proposed

– Gather data, studies, and reports to strengthen the proposals.
– Ensure alignment with the goals of the non-profit.
– Summarize the outcomes and lessons learned from the previous pilot.
– Identify successful strategies and areas for improvement.
– Present pilot results in a concise and informative manner.
– Fellowship Summary:
– Highlight the fellowship’s achievements and contributions.
– Discuss how the fellowship has advanced the non-profit’s mission.
– Include testimonials or feedback from fellowship participants.
  – Develop a pilot proposal template that can be customized for various
– Include sections for goals, methodologies, timelines, and budgets.
– Ensure the template is adaptable to specific project needs.
– Review and refine all artifacts for consistency and effectiveness.
– Ensure that the 1-pagers, templates, portfolio, synopsis, and summaries align       with the non-profit’s messaging and goals.
  – Compile and organize all artifacts into a comprehensive package.
– Prepare for internal and external distribution and use.- Evaluation and Feedback (Ongoing):
– Seek feedback from internal stakeholders and target audiences.
– Make necessary revisions and improvements based on feedback.

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