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Design Content Strategy for Educatrix Seminar – Conference Ticket Sales

  • Job DurationLess than a week

Project detail

We are looking for talented content strategists to design a comprehensive content strategy for the Educatrix Seminar, with the goal of selling 30 conference tickets within the next 90 days. The target audience consists of Nurse Practitioners within a driving distance (150-mile radius or 8-hour drive) of Lake Junaluska, NC, where the conference will be held. The strategy should effectively reach and engage this specific audience, leveraging various channels and formats.
Things to Consider:

Purpose: The purpose of the content strategy is to generate ticket sales for the Educatrix Seminar within the specified timeframe. The strategy should focus on raising awareness about the conference, highlighting the confirmed speakers and workshops, and compelling Nurse Practitioners to purchase tickets.

Audience: The target audience includes Nurse Practitioners within a driving distance of Ashfield, NC. The content should speak directly to their professional interests, career development goals, and the benefits of attending the conference.

Channels: The content strategy should incorporate various channels and should be researched to identify the best channel to optimize engagement of the target audience effectively. Consider other relevant channels, such as social media platforms, email marketing, and healthcare professional networks, to maximize reach.

Brand Guidelines: Please adhere to the Educatrix Seminar’s brand guidelines, which will be provided upon project initiation. These guidelines will outline the brand’s visual identity, tone, messaging, and overall aesthetic. The content should align with the brand’s values and maintain consistency.

Format of Collateral: We are specifically looking for content which will convert to sales, along with recommendations for other relevant formats. The content should be attention-grabbing, shareable, and tailored to drive ticket sales for the conference.

A comprehensive content strategy that outlines the approach to meet the 90-day goal of selling 30 conference tickets.

Recommendations for Linkedin, Facebook, other social media type content and other relevant formats to engage the target audience effectively.

Suggestions for content distribution and promotion across channels to maximize reach and conversion.

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