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Business Development Administrator

  • Job Duration03 to 06 months

Project detail

Project Overview:

Headway Labs is seeking a dedicated and organized Business Development Administrator to join our team for a 6-month project. The primary objective of this role is to support our business development efforts, which include planning, market research, lead qualification, outreach, and more. Over the next 6 months, our primary growth goal is to close deals with 6 new accelerators who will become our valued clients. The Business Development Administrator will play a crucial role in achieving this objective.


Lead Qualification: Utilize market research and qualification criteria to assess and qualify potential leads for our services.

Market Research: Conduct research on target markets, industry trends, and competitor analysis to identify opportunities and potential clients.

Client Relationship Management: Support the development of strong and lasting client relationships by assisting in the preparation of client meetings and materials.

Planning: Assist in the planning and execution of business development strategies, including identifying key market segments, potential partners, and growth opportunities.

Data Management: Organize and manage data related to leads, prospects, and client interactions using tools such as MS Office.

User Experience (UX) and User Interface (UI): Collaborate with our UX/UI team to enhance user experience for potential clients and streamline lead generation processes.


Strong organizational and communication skills.
Proficiency in MS Office tools for data management and report generation.
Ability to work independently and as part of a team.
Excellent problem-solving skills and attention to detail.

Additional Information:

This 6-month project provides a unique opportunity to gain valuable experience in the field of business development within a dynamic and innovative environment. The Business Development Administrator will have a direct impact on our growth goals, working closely with our business development team to qualify leads and identify potential clients. Successful completion of this project may lead to further opportunities within the organization.

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