Getting Started with CultureLancer

Getting Started with CultureLancer
Getting Started with CultureLancer
Summer is here and Fall is around the corner! We at CultureLancer, remember this was hunting time! We were on the hunt for internships and jobs…more frequent than not, we ended up working some job that had very little relevance to our future goals or found ourselves overworking with very little to show for it. This is part of the reason we created CultureLancer, to give HBCU students the opportunity to work (at any time) and make sure that it was purposeful and worth it. We provide this opportunity through a variety of features but one of the key features is FREELANCING. A freelancer is an independent laborer who earns wages on a per-job or per-task basis. Now let’s dive into the benefits of freelancing so you can begin getting started with CultureLancer now!

Financial freedom! Being able to start making money while still in school allows you to start managing your own finances. With your own income, you’ll be able to ease the load on your student loans, put the money towards rent, pay for your ongoing expenses or a study abroad program, or even start saving for future purchases down the line. On CultureLancer, you have control over your own rate, so no more struggling to make minimum wage, negotiating for more hours, or fighting to work extra shifts. Since we are on the topic of finances, taxes are part of the job. As a freelancer, it is important to remember that as you run your own business, you are responsible for reporting and paying for your own taxes. Make sure you set aside enough money to pay for your taxes when they are due. Paying freelancer taxes when you’re in college may sound scary and confusing for someone new to running a business. But that’s why it is always best to consult a certified tax professional for specific advice for your situation and your state. Of course we are not going to leave you hanging, we will have resources available for you to review and prepare for this season.

Real world work experience! There is nothing more valuable than getting real world work experience. Your college courses and internship experiences can only get you so far, but being able to enter the workforce with work experience will make you stand out considerably. You’ll have strong past experiences on your resume and legitimate work in your portfolio. These are the learning opportunities that you just can’t get inside the classroom. More importantly, you’ll be getting the right work experience, being able to do what you love. You are able to take your passions and start monetizing them. No more odd jobs around campus; you’ll do exactly what you want to do, even explore other potential career paths. CultureLancer is taking this a step forward, providing opportunities for further professional development through certification and training programs.

Let’s not forget the Networking Opportunities! CultureLancer allows you to connect and chat with other students and potential employers on the platform. More than that, you’ll be able to connect with students on and off your campus industry professionals, startup founders, and local individuals. You’ll find yourself working on projects with new connections made through CultureLancer and finding new interesting work opportunities through the people you are meeting.

I’m sure your thinking this maybe too good to be true but what is a better way than making someone a believer other than them seeing for their self. Join CultureLancer today and unlock your career and professional potential. All you need is DRIVE and your college email to started!

See you on the platform!

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