Creating a Winning Profile

Creating a Winning Profile

Your Profile can make or break your hire ability, it is often the first thing companies see and first impressions are everything. So here are some tips to get you started on creating a winning profile that is sure to get you hired!


  1. Upload a photo that is professional, it does not have to a true headshot but try to get one with just you and free from a cluttered background. Include an intro video, not mandatory, but highly recommended.
  2. Feel out the following sections of your profile: personal details & skills, experience & education, awards/certifications (if you have any), profile video (not mandatory but a nice addition), social profile- LinkedIn only.
  3. Verify your identity with a state ID or driver’s license. This information is confidential but needed for tax purposes. 
  4. If you have examples of your past work, upload it to your portfolio section. Don’t forget to include a description for your work. *you can not complete this step if you have not verified your identity.
  5. Ready to advertise your skill! Post a service (again your identity will need to be verified), here is where you can list and sell your service at your own price. If you get an alert to renew a package, please ignore it.
sample student profile
Example profile

View Digital Dave’s Profile

We are looking to start matching students for projects next week. Make sure your profile is at least 80% complete. Try to have at least one sample of your work and some of your experience highlighted.

TIP FOR SUCCESS: Keep a separate document as a running list of ever company, job title, date, location, and description that you have worked. This will come in handy when applying for anything that requires information about your past experience in the future. Experience is not limited to paid work, it includes: volunteer, work study, internships, RA, lab work, research, etc.


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