5 Projects You Can Get Hired Today

5 Projects You Can Get Hired Today

There is no limit to the type of projects you can do when you freelance in college. And with CultureLancer, we’ve already solved the problem of how to freelance as a college student. From creative roles like artists, designers and sound engineers, to technical work like programming and web development, the CultureLancer allows you to create projects that take your interest and passions and turn them into experience building and income producing opportunities. Below are 5 projects you can get hired today to start gaining experience and earning $$$.


Top 5 Projects to Get You Booked Today

1. SEO Support  

Ideal for marketing, business, political science, journalism, English majors or anyone who is interested in entrepreneurship and research.

Types of Support

a. Search Engine Optimization or SEO – one of the newer marketing forms of marketing that when integrated correctly can help a client gain traffic to increase their earnings.

b. SEO Keyword Research – businesses want to generate and increase organic traffic. Conducting proper keyword research is essential and this where YOU come in! Learn the basic and you can provide productive keyword reports for clients.

You can also extend your project with SEO services like SEO friend domain name ideas and content writing (more on this below).


2. Content Writing

Ideal for journalism, English, or marketing majors or anyone who is skilled or passionate about writing

Content is King when it comes to marketing and is pivotal in this digital space. If you are skilled in writing and detailed oriented this is a great project for you to list as it is sure to keep you busy. You could create pre written content that is editable or offer more tailored solutions to meet an ongoing client need. Circling back to SEO, making SEO rich content is sure to help you stand out above the crowd because you are “hitting two birds with one stone” and can increase you asking cost.

Types of Content

a. Scriptwriting – if you have a strength in creative writing this is another great project to offer. Many businesses, when marketing, include videos and look for narration to convey their proposed message and reach their target audience. This is where a script comes in.

b. Editing – Are you detail oriented? You can offer services to proofread and edit written content by businesses and individuals. Unlike other projects, this would require more time so you also must be efficient at time-management. Because this is a more labor and time intensive project you can offer competitive rates.




3. Graphic Design

Ideal for art, graphic design, or marketing majors or anyone who is creative or interested in incorporating creativity in their future endeavors

The potential is endless with graphic design and perhaps one of the most requested projects for businesses. Many projects can be one off which allows you to maximize your offering and complete multiple offers at any given time.

Top Project Ideas

a. Logo Design – EVERY business, product, event, club, etc. needs a logo or identifier to develop their brand and market position. There are many tools available to help you complete the project with quality and precision.

b. Business Card Design – the business card is not dead it has morphed in many instance but regardless you can provide digital and tangible card design services.

c. Brochures, Infographics, and Flyers – another steady project offering as branding and brand identity is key as business build they always look to create branded and informative assets to meet their marketing and outreach needs.


4. Video Animation

Ideal for computer science, marketing, computer engineers, graphic design majors or anyone interested in art and design

Basic 2d and 3d video animation can go a long way for a business providing this as a project is sure to get you hired.

Types of Animation

a. Whiteboard – using simple animation tools (will require additional training) you can offer short yet engaging and informative videos to meet business needs and charge extra for additional features like HD, voiceover, embedded branding.

b. Social Media Video Content – this has many options and avenues that honestly needs its own post but a few ideas – as a manager you can offer brand specific content, or leverage you social following and provide promo for business, or provide User Generated Content – meaning you record quick videos with products and give the content to the business to advertise on their own.

The possibilities are limitless with this one.


5. Coding and Web Development

Ideal for computer science or computer engineering majors or anyone interested in developing these skills (will require additional training)

Like everything else, what you are learning is class is not always applicable to the real world through these projects you can provide valuable services for businesses and yourself. Like social media content this is one that truly deserves its one post but below or suggested starting points.


Suggested Projects to Start With

Mock-ups and Workflow – Many business who are looking to incorporate or develop tech often miss this step but it is essential and can save time time and money. You can offer website and app mock-up – have a business clearly define their need or vision and you bring it to life. Workflow is the next step and first step before moving to development you can help a business flesh out what they want their product to do and create and flow chart that they can give to a developer

Web Development – If you are new to this you can help be create creating simply drop and plug website or if you have a little bit more experience you can provide more tailored services like customizations, plug-ins, testing, and maintenance


If you are an HBCU student and one of these projects stood out to you as something you may be able to do, we want to hear from you! Sign up at www.culturelancer.com today and schedule your success coaching session to get you the right trainings to set you up on your path to success.


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